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October 25, 2009
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Mac Style Wallpaper - Set by Varcolacu Mac Style Wallpaper - Set by Varcolacu
I've managed to stay afloat with another wallpaper pack.
They all look like the one you see now, all 1650x1050 resolution.
I even managed to make a tutorial out of this.
Honestly, these aren't made following the tutorial, these i think are worse :D
Anyhow, here's the tutorial.
Made especially for Pixelmator.

Now, i'm not sure if i did anything properly. I still have some questions, like : "Is the contrast good, or should i modify it a little bit." Also, do you think that the elements are positioned correctly. Should i include more colors? Are the color variations nice, or are they worse than the original one (orange) ?
I have so many questions, ... and further more, i think i should've darkened the whole composition, just a little bit. Seems too bright.
I trust your judgement, please tell me what's wrong with it.

PS. a personal note to #GimmeFeedback ... i know i messed the request last times, i thought i read the whole FAQ, as instead i only read a part. I hope that this time i've done it right :| ... I really need some feedback on this. So that i can modify the tutorial as quickly as something bad comes out.
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Robin-Huzell Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let me start of saying that the best way to see this wallpaper is if you use it on you cpu. So that's what I did. Then finally before writing this feedback/ comment to you I was looking at the picture's in about 10 min each!
*More than 10 min later*

So.. When I looked through the entire set, the first thing i noticed was. It's the same picture all the way through. Now this is deffently not a bad thing (but it could be nice with just some few differences between them :meow: ) Anyway this is indeed not a Mac stylish wallpaper. This is your OWN style. But it's darn awesome, It's fresh, colour full, innovative, And "lazy". Now when i'm writing lazy, then I am referring to the many colour choses you have made in advance, so if one of us users are getting slightly bored of watching at the same colour day out and day in. They just choose one of your other wallpaper colours there are made in advance. And that my good sir is cleverly done!
Oh and by the way try adding some bokeh in next time. And thanks a lot for having a gray/desaturated version in the pack. (gray is my favorite colour :la: )
Robin-Huzell Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh and one last thing. You should fix these corners on your shapes. If you don't get what i'm meaning then look at this screen cap I made (don't worry it's uploaded in my scraps, and i'm linking to this work) :b
darkmagic1an Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

It's not bad but can be improved upon. This is just a personal thing but aren't mac wallpapers usually a single wave consisting of 2 bands only? If you try that, it may give a more desired effect.

But I honestly have no idea of how you wanted this to turn out, so I can't really say much more.
Varcolacu Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009  Student Digital Artist
It depends, the main leo wallpaper is an aurora borealis.
I will try.
Thanks for the feedback :)
Raishuu Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
from :icongimmefeedback:
Now, I just have to comment on this because you used my favourite colour ever: orange :woohoo:
So, I really like this. Especially the upper part, it flows really nicely, there are many different shapes keeping the eye occupied but it's not too busy. I also like the light shine on that one curve, really well done.
The lower part lacks that in my opinion. There's this big empty space that's not really bad but doesn't quite fit in with the rest, the darker orange part in the right corner that just seems out of place to me and could us some colour variation or an additional darker line at a slightly different angle and then that blob on the left that doesn't seem to flow like the rest does and brings in a different, darker colour, that makes it stand out from the rest. I would adjust the curve there and change the colours a bit so that it fits in with the rest but is still different from the part on the right. I'm really sorry I can't tell you how to change it but I hope it helps if I tell you what to change and why (in my opinion of course) :aww:
Varcolacu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback :D
I'm glad i made the best choice :)
Okay, i'm going to try to use what i've learnt on my next one :D
Thanks again for the feedback,
and sorry for replying so late, i got busy making some video tutorials ^^
Raishuu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
You're welcome, glad I could help :aww:
TROverdoSe Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
nice. apple would be pround
Varcolacu Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :D
n1k4r0 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
from :icongimmefeedback:

comparing this to the abstract folder of my mac wallpapers the first thing which came to my eyes is that you have too defined shapes, this kind of wallpaper (or at least the apple wallpapers of this kind) have a more blurry look without sharp lines.

decide if add colors or keep this monochromatic feeling it's all up to you, adding colors you could put more dynamism in the illustration but lose the monochromatic thing.

personally i couldn't use a wallpaper with this color because is too strong, but i'm a hard-to-please guy and in fact i have a single color background for my desktop (light grey) so forget about it and go on with this (^____^)

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